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Trying to get in touch, something happened the last 3 days and I have no icons and can not shut the computer off. Your answering machine says that the office is closed until after July 4th but it is now September 20th.

I am beginning to wonder what I can do to fix the problem.

Some foreign scammers call me at least once a week and after what happened to me before, I have no other choice but to get rid of this computer and be with out all over again. Tired of all these scams and such-enough is enough

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Have you read the other reviews here? Have you gone to their website and seen that the company was shutdown by the Attorney General's office three months ago?

No? That might explain why you fell for this scam in the first place.

EVERY tech support company in South Florida is a scam. And all the the ones from India too.

Best Buy is legit but just want to upsell you a new computer.

Honestly, PCs and laptops are not that complex -- most problems should be able to be solved quickly and for next to nothing. I'd be suspicious of anyone charging extravagant fees for what is the computer equivalent of pumping gas and cleaning the windshield. If all you are doing is looking at websites and checking emails why not just get a tablet?

If you can't do what you want to do on that then you probably shouldn't be doing it at all. Just being honest.

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