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I would like to start by saying that I do currently work for Client Care Experts (formerly First Choice Tech Support), that I am a simple guy on the team, not some high ranking team member or management whatsoever. I would like to post a few corrections to some of the common misconceptions posted on this page.

1) That we *** - and/or put viruses on - computers. This is FALSE. There are very few ways in which our phone numbers pop up on your screen.

OUR only number is 855 527 1346. As for ANY other number that leads to us, the call has been SOLD to us (and you were actually targeted by some other company who's specialty is finding easy marks that will call that number and allow a sales person to attempt to sell you our service, which you may or may not really need). In most cases, in my experience at least, you receive "our" message because you have misspelled a website name (example, you were looking to connect to and accidentally typed - just one example, and not a good one). One person said they had meant to type, and instead typed (if I remember correctly). That message, in this case, is not on your COMPUTER - but is rather on your BROWSER. And if you get an up to date browser (such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, UPDATED - or even, God forbid, Microsoft Edge, the replacement for the piece of *** Internet Explorer that has allowed more of your problems onto your computer than any other single mistake) that allows you to tick the box saying "Stop this page from creating additional dialogues" (or something to that effect), then you wouldn't have these issues where the browser locks that message on your screen. Otherwise, learn to use Windows Task Manager (Windows) or Force Quit (Apple/Mac - ugh) and end your browser's process.

Otherwise, if it IS in fact a program on your computer giving you "our" number (aka Adware, which you all seem to incorrectly refer to as a virus or a ***, - nice antivirus you got there, not picking up on that, too!), then understand that 1a) THAT'S NOT FROM OUR COMPANY, and 1b) YOU must have downloaded something that came packed with that Adware, or you must have downloaded that program. ONLY download programs that meet these criteria:

1c) Come from sources you trust.


1e) Will be scanned by your antivirus, which you should totally have up to date. Also: it should have "Real-time" protection. ...

Notes on c):

e1) Microsoft Users: I know Best Buy (or your Internet Service Provider) claims that McAfee is a good antivirus. It's about as good as Norton - that is to say that they are a BIG NAME. And that's it. That's like saying your Knife is better than mine because it's a Bowie. What if I made mine of out Damascus steel? ... McAfee and Norton are, quite literally, two of the worst antivirus programs that have ever been. They weren't even good in their prime. Get a FREE antivirus that's worth half a *** before PAYING for either of those. Such as Malwarebytes Antimalware or SuperAntiSpyware. Proof? 1) Do some research! I'm teaching you enough here. 2) If they were any good, they wouldn't have to rely on contracts with your ISP or Best Buy to get sales and installs.

e2) Apple Users: To those saying "My Apple Technician or sales guy said that Apples/Macs don't catch viruses" - FALSE. Listen, back in the 90's, Macs were ONLY good for Video/Audio editing. They had the only good programs available for the longest time for those purposes. That being said, only TEN percent (10%) of all computers (if that) were Macs... Why make a virus that can only, AT BEST (in a PERFECT scenario) affect 10% of computers? ... Exactly, you wouldn't. So people only made Viruses for Windows systems. If they needed to attack a Mac or Linux or Unix target, they would just *** them manually. Because that would be on a rare case-by-case basis. NOWADAYS, however, easily 35+% of people are on Macs/Apples. So people make viruses for them, as well. Guess what else - some of these viruses are made by some smart people. The EXACT same virus your neighbor's Windows computer caught can infect your Mac, if programmed properly. NOW YOU KNOW! :) You're welcome.

2) Even though you can say you were lured to call based on a "scam" - do NOT incorrectly accuse us of not properly servicing the system in question. We truly do have both Technically Certified AND Microsoft Certified Technicians on hand 24/7/365 (including Christmas and New Years and every other day of the year) that DO take their jobs seriously. They aren't the ones scamming you, and THEY handle each and every computer with the proper care and attention deserved. They make sure not to take you for granted. Cleaning computers is EASY, even if they are fully infected (and let's face it, most of you *** AT LEAST have some minor Malware or Adware on your systems.. NEVER caused by us and not even caused by the people who supply us your calls). By the time we log off of your system, after about 4-6 hours (on average), you can bet your sorry little incompetent *** that it's CLEAN as a whistle once we're done - and after our MANUAL tune up (all done by hand and eye, and in a matter of minutes), I'm willing to bet my livelihood that it's FASTER than the day you bought it, with all your *** Best Buy bloatware / crapware either disabled or uninstalled.

Understand that you people know ZERO about computers. And that, to call us a scam, or say that we "claim" to be Microsoft Partners or related to them - no, we don't. Word for word, what we tell you, is that "we are part of the Microsoft Pinpoint Partner Network" - or Microsoft Partner Network, or Microsoft Pinpoint Network.

Go to or (or go to and search for keyword "Pinpoint" or "Partner," and click the first result in either case), and you'll find our page by searching our name ("Client Care Experts") - second choice in the list (by name / relevance, in that order) --- exact link is here:

We are technically in the "Microsoft Pinpoint Partner Network" - listed as a "Gold" status Partner. That is NOT to say that we are Partnered WITH Microsoft, or OF Microsoft. As that would be a lie, and would land us with a lawsuit and court fees. We do NOT claim that.

(We have our own lawyer on retention who spends many-a-day in our office. She goes over any change in our script (for those of our company who actually follow the script). And EACH and EVERY call is monitored and listened to in the hopes of catching someone saying something wrong (Like, when you ask "are you Microsoft?," they're HOPING to catch one of us saying "Yes.") - WE ARE NOT MICROSOFT, AND DO NOT CLAIM TO BE. Listen very carefully to our choice of words.

Is what our company does wrong? Yes, yes it is.

Are we at fault for your mistakes of calling / paying us? No, we are not.

Were you scammed into calling us? Yes, in a way, you were.

Are WE a scam company? No. You'll get some of the best customer service and quality of work done that you'll ever see. We are more honest and fair than Geek Squad has ever been. And we take our jobs seriously. I assure you of that.

Any other questions, sound off in the comments. I'll check back every so often to answer questions, comments, or concerns.

To any who actually read this all the way through, thank you. And I hope I've taught you something.

To everyone else: Get bent.

Reason of review: The liars on this site..

Preferred solution: Just read what I have to write. .

Client Care Experts Pros: Great customer care, Staff is polite, Problems are addressed quickly and cleanyl, Computer never ran so fast.

Client Care Experts Cons: How they catch your call.

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give me a break, if you were so legal and great why were you closed down??


Are you people still in business??

I have enjoyed using your services for many months, but now, July 15, 2016, all I get is messages that you are closed for the 4th of July.

Please advise.

Ben Blackburn


Company was shut down. CCE was supposed to open back up but the courts ruled that it be closed forever. Sorry


You openly admit what your company does is wrong! I hope the authorities get all of you people/crooks that bottom feed on gullible.


Pure ***, these companies purchase campaigns that are created by scammers, the scammers add a number that is associated to company that has paid for the allocated campaign, the way that you see those adds is through adware, malware and toolbars along with certain XSS exploits that can be manipulated through vulnerable browsers. Exploit kits are available for purchase on the Darkweb that these scammers use to serve you malicious ads.

A company can easily open an LLC and create a legitimate ad serving company, hire some programmer to make some fake antivirus software and attach adware, toolbars, or malware to it. They then use Google AdSense and AdWords to setup ad campaigns to serve ads to multiple domains that give you the ability to down load said antivirus software or some fake game or whatever fake registry cleaner, same goes for, this is how you get infected. Once you're infected you then start seeing those ads and start having problems on your machine. Sure, this company probably doesn't directly themselves cheat you out of your money, but they buy the campaigns from the crooks that are creating them the avenue to do so.

So in the end they are not at fault. Hence the reason that most of them are all located in South Florida or Florida, Florida isn't called the dumpster state for nothing. :)~

Oh and as for those Exploit Kits they sell for 5-20k on the Darkweb which is peanuts when these crooks are making millions upon millions off of innocent people.



Yes I read your post to the end and yes I'm not a computer savvy fellow. I admire your fire and pride for doing your job well.

Thank you for your honesty because if your post is not honest, you will have to live with you.

We all have ourselves to haunt us.


The problem is now they have all my information on my computer because I was too *** to realize it was a scam. I had to cancel two credit cards and was refunded all my money because the fraud claim I put on my card was found to be justified.

If you work there, what does your company do with all the information they are collecting from gaining access to my computer? If you are even slightly legit, why I am having to safeguard my identity?

This was my worst mistake ever. Pretty sure there is a special place in *** for Andrew.


If what this guy says is true ( and that is a big if) Client Care Experts is going to need that lawyer they claim to have on retainer. What this guy claims they are doing is a deceptive trade practice under most state deceptive trade practices laws.

They did take the charges off of my account after I threatened them with the Florida Attorney General and the Boyton Beach PD, but if they are an otherwise legitimate company operating like this, they are headed for a fall.


OP here.. They do not put that stuff on your computer.

They do buy the calls from campaigns, however.

Also: they don't care about bbpd or attourney gen. They do not need that lawyer. And you do not need to cancel credit cards.

Just ask for a refund.... Otherwise, dispute charge with cc company. It *** them over in the long run.

They lose merchants that way.

I work for their competition company now. Much better, same m.o.

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