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One of my new clients came to me with a computer problem. There admin user account profile had been corrupted on windows 7 and they weren't able to login. First I had to fix that. Then asked them about the history of this PC.

They told me that they had a pop up appear on there computer a month ago asking to call a number as the computer isn't protected from real time antivirus protection. As the user isn't very computer literate they were worried that there computer really was infected because it became all slow and got lost and called the number. They ended up paying $500.

Then there PC never sped up and then there account profile had been corrupted, so they couldn't login to the machine. I fixed the account in order to login and check out the PC. I noticed they had some sort of webroot secure anywhere antivirus running on the machine. Then I went into system properties and found that the logo was changed to a "Client Care experts" logo and had all of the companies information in system properties. I right away went to research this company and found bad reviews. Also figured out they used that webroot antivirus. After that I started running my virus/rootkit usb with different software to seek out viruses and potential root kits. Combofix took 40 minutes to run and came across 100 or so files that it removed. Adwcleaner came across a lot of registry errors and potential viruses. Malwarebytes detected 572 items.

Then I cleaned the machine of all the garbage on it. Including the client care experts logo in system properties. Probably a smart idea to just freshly install windows 7.

It's just sad how people try to take advantage of others into making them pay big bucks to "potentially" fixing there machine. Go make a real business and help others actually.

Now will be filing an ftc report, and see if we can get a refund for my client.

Product or Service Mentioned: Webroot Secureanywhere Antivirus.

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Firstly That Customer account was prob not corrupted and they probably just forgot their password Second calling the FTC to get money back? Wow if you were really smart you would know that the FTC Doesn't get you your money back and that you need to contact the bank.

Third even then filing something like a "Scam" Takes about 6 months to even prove that's what happen. If you are really a professional why are you using free things?

Sounds to me you're trying to take advantage of that customer yourself because as I mentioned If you were really smart you would know to contact a Bank not the FTC to get money back . Shake my head some people .


"User profile service failed the logon. User file cannot be loaded" error.

Easy registry fix.

Also I never said I'm going to attempt getting the money back through FTC. Just filing a report, and hopefully others do aswell.

I've gotten money back before for other from companies, so I know how the whole process works.

Why would I pay for software if free software is available and works well?

Also it is just something I do on the side.

This company charges $500 for "cleaning" $299 that doesn't happen and $200 for webroot secureanywhere. Now that's taking advantage. Firstly they didn't clean anything.

Secondly they overpriced webroot at $200 and its not that good.

Not taking advantage of the client as they are a friends of somebody I know well. Charging under $100 for the whole cleanup and Kaspersky installation for a year installation included.

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