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My husband received a pop-up from what appeared to be from Microsoft. He called and was told not to do anything on his computer because the computer had been compromised.

They told him to take it to Best Buy, but they recommended this Client Care Experts that could do it cheaper. A lot of what I am telling you is what other people experience as well.

They charged his debit card $250. I told my husband to contact his debit card company to dispute the charge.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Same thing happened to me. File a consumer complaint online with the FL Attorney General. They are investigating this company's practices.


So they told him to go to best buy? So explain to me on god green earth how does that make them a scam if they gave him an option?

Do you know what a scam is?

They are a business like Best buy and your husband picked them. Explain what scam gives someone an option?


It's a scam called phishing. They block your internet access and then tell you there are big problems on your computer which they can fix for $250.

Plus they try to sell you other security programs at inflated prices. Totally unethical.

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