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This company has no partnership agreements with Microsoft. Anybody can become a member of the pinpoint network and Microsoft doesn't even acknowledge that network if you contact them. These companies have been a plague in S. FL for years and there are several that have been shut down by the FTC and investigated by the Federal Government.

These companies attempt to operate by telling you that you have issues with your machine that do not exist. Simply turn the computer off and the warning will disappear. If you have already spent money with this company then you can get a refund from your Bank by filing a dispute. It takes 3-5 days but the money will be returned to your account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $550.

Preferred solution: Shut it down. .

Client Care Experts Cons: This was a scam.

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Actually, it was a member from Microwsoft that referred me right away to Client Care Expert when my computer displayed to contact 'Micrrowsoft' on March 2016.

Yes, after the install, my computer only worked for a couple of weeks and started to slow down.

Now for the last 3 weeks, their message on the phone says they are closed till July 4th!!!! It's the 21st of July now and they are still enjoying a nice vacation somewhere on a nice beach!


The issues they tell you that you have DO exist though. Are you a computer technician?

You obviously believed something was wrong when you called and paid $550.

How about the protection software? Idiots


The Florida AG has been quite diligent in shutting down these firms. If you have been scammed then file a complaint online with the AG.

The argument that these types of companies are doing nothing wrong and are simply providing a service doesn't hold any water and has been shot down in the past by the AG.

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