Selden, New York
Not resolved

Claimed to be from Microsoft and my computer was locked by Microsoft. Not true since we restarted the computer and it worked fine.

I have sent the case to Microsoft and the Attorney's General office.

Be aware they have nothing to do with Microsoft at all.

Also since they fraudulently obtained my credit card number this becomes a federal matter.

I hope to contact Homeland Security since this may be considered a terrorist group trying to obtain banking information.

Product or Service Mentioned: Client Care Experts Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Client Care Experts Cons: Are scam artists, This was a scam.

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uh you want them to stop charging your card? cancel the card.

tell them due to your own inability to understand an obvious scam popup you got scammed into giving our your CC info.

and it wouldn't outright be a federal matter unless if shady ways of doing business like this become so. they didnt fraudently obtain it.

YOU gave it to them and then refused to get with your CC company and get them to put a stop to the charges. sorry my friend but this is on YOU.


How do I get my money back, it been almost a year since they charged me 800 bucks?


These folks have been calling me 2-3 times daily for last few days.

Always from Selden NY 516-635-4085.


Were there any fraudulent charges? A TERRORIST group?


You're an *** and u called them and accepted their service and paid them and now your calling homeland security... Unbelievable


How do I get them to stop charging my credit card?


Did you call the number and give them your credit card number? That is the only way they can get it. Don't fall for scams.


LMAO Homeland won't do anything and I'm sure you have contacted. They don't claim to be Microsoft .

They say they are gold pinpoint partners which is true .They even introduce themselves as Client Care at the beginning. Your claim Won't become A federal Matter and you're delusional if you think it is. Scam how so? They give you options to take your computer to a Local shop.

They did not fraudulently obtained Your credit card. they gave you options and you picked them. Nothing fraudulently obtained there ..

You need to know what fraudulently obtained means and what Terrorist means. Homeland Security will Laugh in your face and call you a *** if you truly did contact them such as I am right now.

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