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I received a blue pop up on my computer, stating I have a virus. I called the number posted on the pop up (888-489-8452), and they told me to call Client Care Experts at 855-527-1346.

I explained what happened to the representative, and he said he can do a virus and infection sweep for $299.99. I was wondering how this happened. I called Microsoft, told them what happened, and asked if Client Care Experts is associated with them (like they claimed). Microsoft said "no, you got scammed." They said we never post a message, stating "you have a virus".

They also said I should change all of my personal information because it was probably compromised. The Microsoft representative said I should have just shut down my computer and restarted it. If Client Care Experts was affiliated with Microsoft, they would have said the same thing. I went on line and discovered this is not the first time Client Care Experts has pulled this on someone.

They have done the exact same thing to a lot of people! I took my computer to a repair company immediately, and the repair person said I was scammed and should have just shut down my computer and restarted it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Client Care Experts Technical Support.

Reason of review: scam.

Preferred solution: let the public know.

  • Computer Scam
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The number you posted is for chase bank.... ?

How does that make any sense? Why Are you making up stories?


But they did a diagnostic for you, showing you what was wrong. You didn't talk to Microsoft because they would not have told you that.

Restarting your computer doesn't get rid of the problems that trigger the message that was on your computer.

You spoke to another company who probably tried to sell you something too. Then how much did the computer "repair man" charge you?

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