I just wanted to chime in to say Client Care Experts isn't a scam. They are selling a service that is completely optional and they give you the option to take your computer to any major retail store where they might charge you for it. The people on the other line are just like you and have no intentions of destroying your life by taking your CC information. If that was the case there would have been a police raid in the building a long time ago.

They have to deal with the most retarded people like you all who either:

1) Don't have the proper virus protection installed if at all any

2) Didn't give a through scan before calling in

3) Are using out-of-date anti-virus protection and need to renew their license thus stuff gets onto your machine

4) Didn't attempt/Too *** to force quit your applications then scan

5) Accidentally typed in the wrong URL

6) Literally browsing *** and clicked on a bad link/pop-up

7) Using the PC without any Windows Updates in over a year

8) Keep taking their PC to their "local PC GUY" who doesn't really completely fix your problem so they can have you as a repeat customer.

9) Too stubborn to update their browser when an update prompts them to every time they start their browser application.

10) Have spoof toolbars on their browser and end up clinking on those (which isn't CCE's fault, but yours)

Computers were meant to be used by millennial. If you simply can't get a clue that your computer isn't a toy because you 40+ year olds don't get anything and immediately call it a scam then I'm sorry you're too ***. They are "selling" you things because it's their job and they need to eat--not their fault YOU fcked up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Client Care Experts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Client Care Experts Pros: Great customer care.

Client Care Experts Cons: How they catch your call.

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I assume this *** works for Client Care Experts.


This is not merely a pop up. The computer is seized and you can't do a thing with it.

Used ctrl, alt, delete and cleared the

item but it came back.

I ended the task and then tried to access mircosoft.com and I got a message from Client Care telling me to call the phone number. The whole scenario is created to make it look like Client Care is a sub-contractor for Microsoft.

The credit card company is looking into it.


BTW, this guy works for CCE...and is hungry...and needs to eat.

The bottom line is I don't have auto mechanics breaking into my garage popping the hood of my car telling me I need an alternator. This is an invasion of privacy.


Most 40+ year olds are smart enough to note that this is a scam, we also don't need to use/ cover up foul language. Computers are not specifically for millennials ( most of them use tablets and smart phones exclusively) but for anyone who needs to function in today's computer driven society.

Any "company" that resorts to throwing pop-up adds and claim to be Microsoft Support Partners when they aren't, is a scam. Microsoft doesn't even acknowledge this company as an entity they've ever had any dealings with, let alone partner with them. Best advice is, if you're online and a pop-up saying your computer has issues and to call a specific phone number but not to turn the PC off..... Turn it off, more than likely this fake message will just go away because it is spawned by internet hacks and redirect cookies.

Microsoft will NEVER call you, Either will the manufacturer of your PC.

Anyone who believes otherwise will end up paying a scammer in the long run. And if you are one of the people who help out in these scams, just remember, Karma is a ***.

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