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You can call these guys all you want but they're pretty much done. The Florida Attorney General raided them and the company's motion to stay open until the trial date was denied by the judge.

The reality is that the services Client Care Experts provide ARE legit. The problem is that they use scare tactics to get you to purchase them and you don't really need them anyway in most cases. It's a modern spin on the auto mechanic telling you need $600 of unnecessary repairs. Well, a mechanic who pops up in your back seat while driving.

In case you were wondering, ALL of the "Microsoft system alert" popups in your browser are bogus. Yes, there is malware on your computer -- it's the program that is making those messages pop up. CCE and their ilk don't put personally put these on your computer, they just buy your calls from the companies that actually do the dirty work. It's called "marketing leads."

The weird thing is that all these tech support scams in South Florida are run and staffed by ex-junkies fresh from rehab. Somehow they manage to reconcile spiritual recovery with ripping off old people. The delusion is strong with them.

Don't think Best Buy is much better. They send you out the door with the bargain basement McAfee "anti-virus" garbage knowing you'll be back in six months with a lot of problems. The whole purpose of Geek Squad is to upsell you new computers. They're not making money by fixing your old one.

The friendly old-timer with his own shop? Again, it's in his best interest to keep you coming back. He downloads for you the free security software he knows won't offer protection and then woos you with this "I build my own computers" garbage. More BS, he puts them together in 30 minutes using pre-assembled components. Building a model airplane is harder.

And here's the worst part. There really are tens of millions of truly malicious malware threats out there. They're getting worse every year. Believe it or not there are programs now that will hijack your computer and demand you pay a ransom to get your information back. You NEED to take these threats seriously.

So what can you do? How about just dumping your PC -- they're going the way of the VCR. If all you do is look at websites and read emails then a tablet should be fine. Really need a desktop or laptop? Move to Apple. Far less headaches.

But if you really insist on sticking with a Windoze computer here's Johnny's recommendations. Share it with your senior friends.

1) Do NOT use Norton, McAfee, and AVG. No one considers these to be top-notch protection and they do shady things like hijacking your search results to redirect you to links they get referral fees on.

2) Do NOT rely on Windows Defender. Joke.

3) Do NOT trust any "tech support" company whose number suddenly pops up on your screen.

4) Do NOT trust anyone who calls you out of the blue that says they're from Microsoft. Classic scam. If they are not employed directly by Microsoft then they are not Microsoft. Don't fall for "partner" or "affiliate" garbage.

5) Do NOT click on every single link and email you see. Use common sense. Assume the worst and be extra cautious.

6) Do NOT buy any cleaner/boost/optimizer/driver programs. "Registry cleaners" and "driver updaters" are junk junk junk junk and will cause more damage while repairing nothing.

7. Do NOT rely on free security software. Avira is a pretty good free one, but pretty good is no longer good enough given today's internet climate. I'm going to be a Jerky Johnny for a second. IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO PAY FOR QUALITY SECURITY SOFTWARE THEN YOU SHOULD NOT BE USING A WINDOWS COMPUTER! My personal recommendation would be ESET for real-time protection in conjunction with an on-demand manual removal tool like Hitman Pro, SUPERAntiSpyware or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (or all three!). If you are going to upgrade your real-time protection then make sure ALL traces of the old one are gone.

8) DO watch your Startup Programs and make sure you don't have too many applications starting up with the computer. Only the essentials.

9) DO run Disk Cleanup to remove temporary files. Or better yet, enable Automatic Maintenance.

10) DO download Windows Updates.

"The light you see at the end of the tunnel is the front of an oncoming train." --David Lee Roth

Product or Service Mentioned: Client Care Experts Technical Support.

Reason of review: You give recovery a bad name..

Monetary Loss: $666.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Anyone that's in "recovery" should have a bad name. They're flawed individuals who have no moral or ethical code and cannot contain themselves or their base natures.

It makes complete sense that these deviants all work for these companies.

Why would a drug addict ever care about the damage or fraud they cause? They don't even care about themselves.


That is soo not true and you know you're talking out of your *** on that

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