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The following happened on January 28, 2016 around 6:30 p.m. PST.

When I was trying to download a song, a pop-up window came up with a woman screaming at me, "your computer has been attacked". Call this number to get immediate help. My screen froze so i couldn't close any windows. My bad for falling for it.

I called the # because I didn't have the wherewithal to shut down my computer forcefully (I found out later, if I had done that, I could have restarted my computer and the pop-up would have been gone). When I called the #, the woman at the other end did an analysis and told me my computer would crash if I didn't get immediate help from them. She claimed they were Microsoft certified and, if I chose to go to a store, I would be charged $100.00 more than the $250.00 they were going to charge me. I told her I had another company I had already purchased technical support from that I would prefer to call.

She warned me it would be risky not to act immediately with her company since they were familiar with this issue. In addition, she did a hard sell for a different security package than the one i already have (Microsoft Essentials)Long story short...I fell for it. I allowed them to work on my computer over night. In the morning, I restarted my computer to find one of my programs was missing (I found out later they had disabled it).

My computer has not been the same since. It is running slower. I called them to get a refund but they insisted they could work on my computer as I had a 30 warranty with the support I had purchased. Of course, there was no way they would refund my money and I wasn't about to let them touch my computer again.

I called my credit card company to see if I could dispute the charge. The nice man at the other end told me he received several calls a day regarding this same issue. It was unlikely I would win the dispute as they did provide the service of supposedly "getting rid of the virus" and cleaning up my computer. I will probably still dispute the charge as I want this company investigated.

I can imagine that this pop-up was probably created by them in order to solicit business. I can only hope my story will educate someone so they don't fall for the same scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Client Care Experts Technical Support.

Reason of review: Being lied to.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Client Care Experts Cons: Never again.

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This sounds like the Company is posting here to try to head off consumer complaints.


File a consumer complaint online with the FL Attorney General. They are investigating this company due to many similar complaints.


File a consumer compliant online with the Florida Attorney General. I did and it's easy. The AG's office is investigating this company's practices.


how can I get rid of the pop up


The same exact thing happened to me! I fell for the whole thing, but thank goodness said no to the software suggestion.

Something told me something wasn't right, so I called Apple to verify what they were doing and they said it was absolutely a scam! Lesson learned - if you have a Mac, CALL APPLE.

The good news is it looks like my bank will let me dispute the charges. What nerve!


Just because you dispute something it does not mean you will win. It takes 6 months to prove you were in face scam.

What you just did is actually a scam.

You paid for a service which was provided and then you try and get free work? They could sue you if anything and would win..


Next time don't download illegal songs. End of story.

You could have shut down the computer but yet you called a so call pop up?

Your fault. Next time don't download illegal songs and buy them.


He never said he was downloading illegal songs.


I suspect the company is posting here to discourage consumer complaints about its practices.


If you download illegal songs that's how the message pops up. I'm not with the company. I just have common sense to shut down my computer and not be a retard and call a pop up number lol.

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