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They tried to scam me tonight. I was surfing the web when i got this blue screen then a white screen telling me ive been hacked and all these awful things would happen to me if i didnt get help and call this certain microsoft phone #

Called the number talked to a lady who immediately started helping as she got into my computer remotely.

She told be to go grab a pen and paper as she was going to give me instructions. She Jaime thought i had put her on hold but instead i had her on speaker so heard her laughing and telling her co worker that she was going to scare me into buying their anti virus product by telling me my personal photos and bank info would be released the guy with her said "People are such idiots" i got on the phone asked her if she was with Microsoft she said no she was with Client Care Experts. Told her she misrepresented herself and to take the virus off that they had put.on to extort money from me. Told her they better unblock my computer as i work for the government and tomorrow it will be examined thoroughly by forensic computer investigators and im going to report their unlawful tactics.

Jaime hung up on me and i shut down my.pc.

tomorrow my friend who is a computer wiz will clean it and examine it. DO NOT CAlL THEM O R GIVE THEM ANY $$$$ I do work for the government and file a formal complaint and investigation on this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Client Care Experts Virus Removal.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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You were watching ***... Pornhub, Redtube, and xhamster are the only sites that would get you a blue screen message.


You are obviously a rather unsophisticated user of computers. You fell for a scam because you have not taken steps to protect yourself from popups and the like.

You need to start using Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer with addons like UBlock Origin, Disconnect me, Adblock, etc. so these popups and the like never appear on your screen. Your big mistake also was in falling for the scam by actually calling them and allowing someone to take remote control of your machine.

Yes, best clean your machine before you go online again. Good luck

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