Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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THE VERY SAME happened to me: $650 hard -earned dollars!

Like you, my screen was frozen, I had no choice but to call the number that I THOUGHT was related to Microsoft. It sounds like you would recommend uninstalling all things related to Client Care "experts." I just had all of this installed a little less than a month ago- plenty of time to infect my computer!

I was previously with I-yogi, who loved to try & sell me things & I thought that behind my back, they were secretly installing all kinds of nasty viruses & worms.

TELL ME! Who is good at caring for your computer?

I am at a loss!

Reason of review: This is a terriible scam!.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Client Care Experts Pros: Staff was polite.

Client Care Experts Cons: This was a scam.

  • Computer Scam
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I am soooo sorry! this happened to my father today!!!!

wow idk what to say!!!

this doesn't end here! they will get what they deserve!!!!!!!!!


Well.. Would you look at that...

Look at it!! Just look at it!!

Look at it..

It must be cold in Oshkosh, must have been looking for illegal movies


To be honest no one cost you aNY money besides yourself. No one forced you at gun point to buy their services.

You just simply picked them instead of going to your local shop. Let me ask you this. ? If you bought something at best buy for 100 but then saw walmart was offering the same product for 30 did Bestbuy cost you 70 amd scam you?

Nope. Look at iPhone and Android same thing but you just spend more on iPhone because of the name Apple.

So is Apple a scam because they overcharge for their laptops and iphones? Nope.

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