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April 2016 I installed Windows 10 on my computer and then everything started having a problem. I contacted Microsoft for the problems I was having, the phone number on my computer PUT ME IN TOUCH WITH CLIENT CARE EXPERTS! After several lengthy conversations with them, I agreed to let them fix the problems on my computer, which they did. CONVINCED ME TO PURCHASE A 3 YR SUBSCRIPTION FOR WEBROOT ANTIVIRUS. I have been getting numerous phone calls... Read more

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In January I got Webroot installed through Client Care Experts. I paid for a three year subscription. Recently I had an issue that I needed to contact Webroot about. I called Webroot directly as the Client Care Experts phone number was always busy. I was informed by Webroot that Client Care Experts had been out of business for quite sometime. Months my computer went with no antivirus protection and I had no idea. Webroot advised that I contact... Read more

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I have tried to get someone to call me back their voice mail says they will be closed through the July 4th weekend, it's almost November. I think I was scammed. Read more

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Trying to get in touch, something happened the last 3 days and I have no icons and can not shut the computer off. Your answering machine says that the office is closed until after July 4th but it is now September 20th. I am beginning to wonder what I can do to fix the problem. Some foreign scammers call me at least once a week and after what happened to me before, I have no other choice but to get rid of this computer and be with out all over... Read more

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I'm the same as everyone's complaints. Client Care is a fraudulent company, I paid $250.00 for their services for a year, they do not answer the phone. I have left several messages, but no one returns my calls. Everyone better cancel their charge card and have a new number card issued. I found several fraudulent charges to my card for the month of July, so I had the card cancelled and reported it to my bank. Also everyone should report this... Read more

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I paid substantial money to get problem(s) corrected and now months later no one answers the phone or returns emails. Is this company out of business? Over $400 has been paid on my ***- tract. It would be a courtesy to let customers know if they are no longer offering services, let alone offering a refund on monies paid. If anyone has any information, I would appreciate hearing either way. I have lost all credibility in finding an aunthentic,... Read more

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Client Care Experts defrauded me out of $250.00 by unlawfully marketing their services as a competent, reliable computer repair firm with extensive experience and practice. They offered a 10-Point Protection system, monitored 24/7 by experts. They marketed themselves as First Choice Tech Support but later changed their name to Client Care Experts. This alone makes their performance suspicious. I paid them $250.00 with VISA charge, for which I... Read more

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You can call these guys all you want but they're pretty much done. The Florida Attorney General raided them and the company's motion to stay open until the trial date was denied by the judge. The reality is that the services Client Care Experts provide ARE legit. The problem is that they use scare tactics to get you to purchase them and you don't really need them anyway in most cases. It's a modern spin on the auto mechanic telling you need... Read more

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Client Care Experts is a complete scam. They were raided by the Florida State Attorney General's office and the Postal Marshall as well. Their last court hearing is on Monday July 25th, 2016 (which can be found online). ANY time a company offers a computer repair remotely besides Best Buy is a SCAM. If you've made any purchase with this company just call your bank or credit card company and tell them you wanna charge back that price you've paid.... Read more

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I bought their system for200.00$ to get my computer working,They said that their company was the number 1 in computer repair.Sense I could not find a good repairman I gave them a try.Dumb me their repair lasted 5 days and when I called then their answer machine said that they were closed for the 4th of July holidays.So I left my phone # it asked for and they will call me back,that was 5/03/16 it is know 7/22/16 even after many calls still no... Read more

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